Andrew Ling on Africa – An Anticipated Adventure of Discovery


Tenneil Zondagh


As we wait for Andrew Ling to return home from his African adventure, we thought we would give you a taste of what to expect from his recent journey. We chatted to Andrew before he departed on his African odyssey, and we cannot wait to find out how his experience has inspired him, both personally and professionally.

Bisate Lodge, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Have you had any formal photography training, and if not, how did you get to where you are today?

I haven't had any formal photography training – I went to school for business actually! Growing up, I'd always loved creativity. I loved the freedom of it, to be able to dream, and to try and create whatever I wanted. The challenge/big question however, was thinking up how to make a living from it. At the time, I had no idea what the answer to that was, but I was determined to keep creating.

Eventually, my work began to get picked up and I earned a trip to Patagonia with a company. In Patagonia, I saw my first big mountains, my first glaciers. It was a life-defining moment to see a place like this. I wanted more than ever, for everyone to be able to experience the same thing.

Witnessing Bisate reforestation over a local cup of coffee

Was there ever a moment you thought you were too close to the action?

I don't mean to sound overly dramatic – but yes, there have been many times where I thought I was too close to the action. I love big mountains, blizzards, big ice, extreme weather, etc. But, with these things come risk and uncertainty. It seems to be a never ending effort, of balancing what I love, but staying safe at the same time.

What story are you hoping to tell on your trip to Africa, what are you expecting from the continent? 

The story I'm hoping to tell is one that inspires. Whether the viewer is a photographer, a scientist, an athlete, a child, or whomever they may be – I hope they leave inspired. A reminder to go after their dreams. A reminder to see the world, in a new way.

Tracking in the Volcanoes rain forest

What are some of the things you never travel without (camera-wise or anything else)?

I never travel without a camera of some sort (although that might just mean a cell phone sometimes). A good book. A candle, because it makes any place feel like home. Even a hotel room!

Your usual style is landscapes, how do you plan on incorporating this into your African journey?

I'm excited to incorporate my specialty of landscapes into this African journey. Straightforwardly, with some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world – but which are new to me. My speciality specifically is extremely cold environments (Alaska, Iceland, Antarctica, etc.). I'm excited to photograph the complete opposite of this.

Sightings during a game drive at Magashi, Akagera National Park

What are some photography tips you would give to aspiring photographers, some of your favourite hints and tricks?

Truly go after all you want, with everything you have – there is no plan B. Plan B detracts from your plan A.

Be great at what you do. But always be kind, and be genuine. That will go a long way. It's always great to work with people you genuinely enjoy working with.

Lastly, be curious, be open to feedback (find someone you trust/a mentor, ask directly for feedback). Whether you've been photographing for one year, or 10 years, there is always more to learn and there will always be ways to improve.

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