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Tenneil Zondagh


I am always fascinated by photos of birds, perhaps mostly because I can never get the timing right to get the perfect shot. The skill needed for these amazing images is patience – something which I have never had – and timing. Sure, a high-powered telephoto lens is a bonus, but if you have the patience to sit and wait, enjoy your surroundings, and the determination, I believe anyone is capable of getting photos as striking as these submitted by our talented entrants below …

“Winged Hunter” by Helgardt Pretorius; had the privilege to capture this very specialised hunter at work. This African harrier-hawk was busy sticking its talons into every crevice trying to find its next meal.

“Hey You Are Taking My Spot!” by Jo Bogaerts; a little dispute for place between this dragonfly and the pied kingfisher, the dragonfly was not on the menu as this kingfisher eats manly fish. So the scene ended well for both.

“African Skimmers Flight Display” by Patrick Pevey; often when skimmers take flight some chase and try to clip the others’ feathers with their beaks

“Pearl-Spotted Owlet” by Christiaan Labuschagne; one late afternoon we were sitting at our camp site when a few birds raised their alarm call quite close to our camp. When we investigated, we found this owl sitting relaxed as if unaware of the commotion around it.

“Black-Collared Barbet” by Tracey Lund; a morning in the bird hide offered amazing opportunities to photograph many species of African birds. The black-collared barbet was amongst my favourites, as they seemed to love to pose for the camera. Always changing position so as to offer us many sides to them.

“White-Bellied Sunbird on Mountain Aloe” by Chanan Weiss; two iconic South African species came together to create this "birdscape"

“Eyes Bigger Than Belly” by Simon Beevers

“Gotcha!” by Tim Driman; I watched this little bee-eater for a while, waiting for it to fly off and catch an insect. True to habit, it returned with a juicy fly, which it proceeded to beat to death, and then the bird flicked the fly into the air, and swallowed it!

Banner image: “Lilac Breasted Roller” by Anthony Cirillo; 2021 Hwange National Park, Wilderness Safaris Linkwasha Camp, Zimbabwe.

Entries close 15 October, enter now!

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