Africa in Focus Competition: Mother's Day in Africa


Tenneil Zondagh


An important day worldwide is Mother’s Day, celebrating the amazing females of the species who are key to our very existence – there is a reason they call it Mother Earth and Mother Nature. As Homo sapiens we celebrate this just once a year, though the animal kingdom should be no different. An African safari is not complete without witnessing the magical motherly bond that connects us all.

"Becoming a mother has furthered my awareness of the important role I have in shaping my child’s future. Like all animals, we need to meet our children’s basic needs and also provide them with skills to survive and thrive independently of our care."

Have a look at some of the entries from 2020’s Africa in Focus photo competition that celebrate mothers of all species.


“Motherly Love” by Sam Turley; a rare and special moment as mother white rhino and her two-week-old calf come together


“Motherly Love” by Richard de Gouveia; a three-day-old gorilla snuggles close to its mother


“A Mother's Embrace” by Michael Tilly; a heart-warming moment shared between a female leopard and her cub


“Motherhood on the Mara” by Carol Shepard; when the grass gets long, it is safer for birthing, resulting in more babies on the Masai Mara in the months just before the rains start


“A Mothers Love” by Lauren Arthur; one of the most misunderstood creatures in the animal kingdom. One thing that can never be misunderstood is a mother's love.


“Like Mother, Like Child” by Pedro Amaral; seeing this days-old calf right next to its mother gives you a great sense of just how majestic the African elephant is


“Mother's Love! The Unconditional One!” by Nagaraj Taware; the polka dotted zebra with his mother. Due to his uniqueness in colour the other zebras hesitated to mingle with him, scaring him away. That is when he sought solace from his mother.


“Himba Mother with Child” by Mietsie Visser; this beautiful Himba lady had just fed her young son, when I took the image


“Mother’s Taxi” by Trevor Woodburn; this lioness was found moving her cubs from their den to a more secure one situated within a thick clump of bushes


“Two-Month-Old Cub Gazing at Mother” by Joe Lewit; one of a litter of five two-month-old cubs recently seen in the open, gazing lovingly at mother who has just brought in an impala kill

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