Picture This: Wilderness’ New Photographic Take


Melissa Siebert


The Wilderness experience is one of a kind. Made up of millions of moments. The kind that make pulses quicken. Minds quiet. Time stand still. These are moments you don’t easily forget.


It’s these moments that have inspired the way we look at our brand. They’ve defined our new look and are reflected in the images we’ll be sharing with you from here on out.  Look forward to more powerful, bolder, more distinctive photography and videography that take you there, immerse you, tell a story.


Raw. Unfiltered. Unstaged. Images that really draw you into the beating heart of our destinations, letting you live the Wilderness experience.



Wilderness Wildlife Lions On A Kill



From lions feasting on a kill to a newborn elephant suckling, a standoff with a buffalo herd, a dreamy drift down a river, and countless other scenarios, we’ll transport you to the wild with our images. While still keeping it real.


Preview the thrills that await on an adventure with Wilderness. Capturing those moments that engage, linger, make memories. Dramatic, and unexpected.


A photographic view of Wilderness

Wilderness Zimbabwe Savannah
Wilderness Bisate Wildlife Chameleon
Wilderness Zimbabwe Savannah
Wilderness Bisate Wildlife Chameleon

So join us on our new photographic journey. Hopefully piquing your curiosity, stealing your breath, and spiking your pulse. Our ‘new’ imagery may stun, in both senses of the word. We want to wow you, and we won’t candy-coat or de-fang.


Let’s face it – life in the wild is not always pretty. But it’s always amazing.



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