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The new Wilderness Mokete luxury tented camp has opened in the famed Mababe wilderness area on the eastern edge of the Okavango Delta, offering an unparalleled safari experience in Botswana. Spanning over 50,000 hectares of private concession land, the Wilderness area in Mababe teems with game, and is a haven for serious safari enthusiasts seeking once-in-a-lifetime encounters with Africa’s wild.



"Mababe is a prime wildlife destination in Botswana, offering uncharted territory that remains a sanctuary of natural splendour. We are extremely proud to be launching this pioneering new camp that is solely accessible through Wilderness. Designed by reMORPHED Arch & Design architects, and with interiors by Michele Throssell Interiors, it represents a captivating fusion of architectural innovation and environmental respect. In keeping with our ethos, the considered approach is truly immersive and intentionally minimalist, ensuring the lightest possible footprint”, noted Joe Matome, Wilderness Botswana Caretaker Managing Director.


Wilderness Mokete follows a design narrative which intricately blends traditional textiles and a neutral colour palette, paying homage to the surrounding bush, using contemporary forms and contrasting use of materials to create a harmonious cultural tapestry. It features nine en-suite canvas tents and a communal tented lounge area, linked by wooden walkways at ground level. Luxurious interiors and modern amenities, including inverter air conditioning systems and Wi-Fi in all bedrooms, complete the experience and ensure guests want for nothing during their stay. 





One of the standout features of Mokete's tented suites is the retractable roof in the bedrooms, allowing guests to stargaze at night. “Integrating this feature into the bedroom design at Mokete was an inspired choice that truly sets this camp apart. It offers guests a one-of-a-kind African night-time experience, immersing them in the beauty of the surrounding landscape”, added Jacques Viljoen of reMORPHED Arch & Design team. 


“While we’re confident the camp will offer an extraordinary stay with warm hospitality and a unique African-fusion menu, our focus is on the out-of-camp experience. Unusually, lions often spend the daylight hours on the hunt in Mababe, taking down buffaloes in and around the marsh, with hyenas in clans of up to 60 seen competing with them. With no other commercial properties in the area, our guests can choose to stay out on drives as long as they wish. Here, time is dictated by nature, not the clock”, Joe added.  





Mababe is an area of tremendous ecological significance, made up of three key habitats: grassland, wetlands and mopane woodland. It harbours a marsh which fills in the summer season, creating a wetland of some 2,600 hectares, serving as a sanctuary for diverse wildlife in search of this precious life source, and vital habitat for numerous bird species. Herds of buffalo in the thousands, the largest gathering in Africa, alongside abundant predators and massive elephant herds (occasionally accompanied by migrating zebras), all converge on the Mababe Marsh. Aptly named “Mokete” (meaning “feast”), the camp embodies an abundance of wildlife, varied landscapes and pristine natural beauty. Mokete guests will encounter truly remarkable vistas, unlike any other wilderness areas in northern Botswana.


Standing as a beacon of sustainability, the camp is fully off-grid, utilising exclusively renewable PV energy systems. Passive design principles, including maximised natural ventilation, wide overhangs for shade, and a layered roof system further mitigate the camp's environmental impact, while enhancing guest comfort, inviting nature in and blurring the distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces.





Working closely with the Mababe community, Wilderness is thrilled to include this beautiful part of the country in its luxury safari circuit. Residents will benefit from employment opportunities, and future initiatives will ensure that the community partners also share in the advantages of this development. "We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to extend our warm welcome to guests in this unparalleled wildlife sanctuary. Through our dedication to high-value, low-impact tourism, we aim to continue playing our part in preserving one of the Earth's few remaining untamed sanctuaries at Mokete", concluded Joe.

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