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African safari spas

A serene sanctuary. Our spas are designed for total immersion in the natural world. Here, your soul is restored and rejuvenated.


As if being in the wilderness isn’t relaxing enough, a few of our safari camps are also equipped with their own wellness retreats. And where a specific spa or therapy room isn’t present you can still indulge in a serene treatment in the privacy of your suite.


But because we’re in the wilderness, our spa menus may look a little different to what you’re accustomed to seeing. Sure, there are facials, manicures, and massages, but you’ll notice that we also draw on ancient botanical wisdom to refresh, revitalise and reinvigorate.


Restoration and rejuvenation body ceremony at DumaTau 


Begin with a unique awakening spray, followed by a healing touch massage focused on balance, drainage, relaxation, and muscle ease – perfect after a morning walking safari. Finally, your senses are attuned to the sounds of nature through rain sticks as you connect to your beautiful surroundings at Wilderness DumaTau.


Unwind in the Wilderness at the Jao Spa

Tucked away in amongst palms for privacy, overlooking lush waterways, the Wilderness Jao Spa is an exquisite setting from where you can rest, relax and feel utterly restored. A full menu of therapies from facials to manicures, and a range of signature massage options, may be experienced. A treatment is bound to further inspire you to fully appreciate Wilderness Jao's extraordinary holistic offering.


Okavango escape ritual at Vumbura Plains 


In the heart of Botswana, Wilderness Vumbura Plains, discover a journey of serenity, starting your experience with a full body exfoliation. Then take inspiration from the animals wallowing at the waterhole and indulge in a full-body mud wrap to moisturise your skin, ending with a rejuvenating full body massage and a hydrating facial massage.


Glow from the inside out at Mombo and DumaTau 


A highly effective, stimulating facial ceremony that facilitates your skin’s own ability to renew and replenish, creating a natural glow. At Wilderness Mombo we use nutrient-rich ingredients that have been revered by indigenous communities from long before the birth of the Western spa concept.




Sossusvlei desert escape at Little Kulala


Incorporating the rejuvenating powers of local herbs and plants, this is a wonderfully refreshing way to re-energise your body after time spent scrambling down the red dunes of Sossusvlei. Start with a full back exfoliation in the Wilderness Little Kulala spa, followed by a skin-quenching Namib melon full body massage and a jade crystal facial massage.


Me-time journey at Mombo


Invest in me-time with this memorable Wilderness Mombo pampering. A rebalancing full-foot ritual cleanse is followed by a full-body exfoliation using Pinotage Body Polish and a deeply calming full-body massage with our award-winning African Potato Miracle Balm.


King’s after-sun healing at King’s Pool 


Spending time in the African sun can be reinvigorating but as always, too much of a good thing can be dangerous. This ritual at Wilderness King's Pool is designed to heal and repair sun damage, using the cooling and soothing essence of aloe vera. An African head massage is coupled with a therapeutic full-body massage for head-to-toe relaxation, while repairing the skin.




Inspired by nature, perfected by science



Inspired by the beauty of our natural world and ancient African philosophy and traditions – every product used in our spa treatments at Wilderness is designed to harnesses the restorative powers of the natural wonders found around us. Discover some of what Africa’s powerful minerals, flowers, herbs, fruit, seeds and natural oils can do for you.


Kalahari melon – Sustainably sourced, it offers deep hydration with the benefit of being light and easily absorbed into the skin.


Baobab – A superpower ingredient known to improve skin elasticity through vital omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. It also deeply hydrates without blocking pores.



Marula – The richest plant source of omega 9, marula is highly anti-inflammatory and works to nourish the skin and revitalise the complexion.


Mafura – Extracted from the seeds of the mafura tree (also known as Natal mahogany), which contain fatty acids and have an anti-microbial effect.


Mongongo nut – Associated with the Kalahari, the mongongo nut contains high concentrations of vitamin E, omega 6, copper, iron, calcium and magnesium.



Coconut – Coconut deeply hydrates the skin and assists with wound healing while being anti-microbial and reducing inflammation.


African potato – Assists in repairing damaged or sensitive skin. It’s also an anti-ageing and beautifying superstar.


African ginger – This warming vascular stimulant boosts immunity and restores vitality to the skin and body.



Pinotage grapes – A potent anti-oxidant containing high levels of OPC as well as vitamin A and C to enhance the natural functions of the skin.


Jasmine – Helps to soothe the skin, reducing inflammation and irritation, and evening the complexion to reduce the appearance of age and blemish spots.


Beyond the spa, you may discover some of the above ingredients added to your morning detoxifying drink or an afternoon smoothie or salad. Choose to take a walk with one of our guides, immersing yourself in nature. Stop to pick up a fermenting marula fruit, the heady scent attracting elephants from miles around. Marvel at the upside-down reaches of the baobab tree to see the fruit hanging there. Or stop, simply to smell the wild sage or rosemary. Learn about how these ancient plants and African botanicals are linked to our ancestors. It never ceases to amaze us how plants can be used to make toothbrushes or even used as bush toilet paper! And how their healing powers have been used for centuries, long before hot stones and skin peels came into play.

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