Two New Lion Cubs at Magashi!


Our Collective

Ingrid Baas


The Magashi team had long suspected that the Amahoro female had cubs, but had not been entirely sure. Today we can confirm that two cubs have joined the pride. There are now eight lions in the pride, three males, three females and the two cubs.


Senior guides Adriaan and Hein discovered the two youngsters, and couldn’t quite believe their luck. As Adriaan says, “Hein and I were trying to locate the Amahoro Pride on the concession, and were extremely lucky to come across the female as she successfully stalked and took down a warthog.


“After enjoying this feast, we watched the Amahoro female walk away, clearly looking for something. We followed her from a distance and as soon as she made her way into the thick bush we could hear the sound of young cubs greeting their mummy!






“We waited in the same spot, hoping to catch a glimpse of Amahoro her cubs. We were very fortune to see them and get this video clip of the new family members!”



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