Nature Poetry: Reconnecting to Our Africa

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Eddie Mudzimu


Little Ruckomechi Camp Manager Edmond Mudzimu reflects on what we’ve all been missing, and how he can’t wait to reconnect to our beloved continent’s wilderness again one day soon…



One day the dust will settle on this upheaval in our ecotourism industry, and we will see clear blue skies from coast to coast. At night we will see the stars and the planets – so very far from ours. From horizon to horizon we will once again see and hear the inhabitants of this beautiful continent. It may be a gathering to celebrate a new moon, a gathering to celebrate a good harvest, a gathering to celebrate the coming of age of our youths. Gathering to celebrate new life or merely gathering in storytelling and sharing whatever we have in common. Such is life – and such is what life in Africa is all about.



Our camps may be quiet at the moment but that has in no way stopped life from evolving and moving forward. We have not stopped dreaming about how it is going to be when we start welcoming our guests back to camps again. There is much to tell and much more to see. We will talk about how we were, and what we have become, but one thing is certain: we can’t wait to gather again around a campfire and share our stories.



This has been a time to refocus and think things over. Thinking over how we can better our tomorrow, for this has been a time of soul-searching and introspection. Africa will come out much stronger than she ever was. The bush has taken the time to regenerate and rejuvenate – a blessing in disguise that we are very grateful for.


There is no better place to escape to than the wilds of Africa. There is no safer place to restore than the serene and tranquil environment of unspoilt Africa. There is no better time to start preparing for that Africa than now!



Africa is calling, her echoes reaching places we have only dreamt of. Such is the awe that this beautiful continent evokes. Africa’s aura is captivating and alluring. Every wild experience you desire and dream of is in Africa, and we have never been more prepared to care for our guests than now. We urge you to keep dreaming about that day when you will pack your bags and head out on safari with us in Africa.



This year the mighty Zambezi River is at its most spectacular. Its seasonal floodwaters have been the highest in more than ten years, yet experiencing this awesome natural phenomenon has been denied to the rest of the world as a result of COVID-19.The river is also is in full spate through the Barotse Floodplain in western Zambia. Winter has set in, the nights are cold but the skies are clear and the stars seemingly more magnificent than ever. We would have loved to have your warm companionship, gathered around a blazing campfire, swopping stories about the wild adventures of the day, or sharing some funny – and scary – tales from the past!



Hopefully we have gone beyond the darkest curve of COVID, and soon we will meet again in our extraordinary environment to share in the activities that we love so dearly – showcasing Africa and her abundant beauty and splendour. We wait with bated breath and focused minds for our camps to open. The animals will surely also welcome us all back!



I am convinced it’s not just myself yearning to be back in the bush to be one with nature, to find solace and comfort in Africa’s bounty. Reignite the flame of your passion for Africa by knowing that she is calling and can’t wait to be rediscovered – by all of us!

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