Busanga Plains

The Resurgence of Busanga’s Iconic Fig

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Graham Simmonds


On the 8th of April 2019 we reported the sad demise of the iconic lone fig which had been struck by lightning. Tributes poured in and happy memories were shared. Each one underpinned by a tinge of sadness that this huge tree was no more.

The silver lining was that the natural felling would still provide shelter for smaller creatures. We clung to any positivity we could find after the sad news had reached us from the Busanga Plains.

Fast forward six months and we have some happy news to report – the lone fig although seriously ‘cropped,’ did not die! Instead we are now witnessing rapid growth from the main trunk and in what many guides are saying, faster than usual sprouting of fresh leaves and off shoots.

The lone fig may not be as glorious and big as it once was, but in no time at all this iconic natural statue will soon be its magnificent self once again!

Written by Graham Simmonds

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