South Africa and Namibia

The coast of Cape Town to the deserts of Namibia

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A journey of discovery – from Cape Town to Namibia

From a vibrant stay in South Africa’s Mother City, Cape Town, to a luxury safari in Namibia, this itinerary promises an unforgettable journey through some of Africa's most captivating landscapes and experiences. Embark on a curated exploration that seamlessly blends indulgence with adventure, starting your trip in fascinating Cape Town. 

Next, embark on a luxury Namibian safari where exclusive Wilderness Little Kulala awaits at Sossusvlei. Witness the resilience of Namibia’s wildlife, specially adapted to survive desert conditions, as your safari continues on to Wilderness Damaraland Camp and Wilderness Serra Cafema, some of Namibia’s most-loved safari lodges.


Join us on this 10-night journey of discovery and luxury.

Future Found Sanctuary

Immerse yourself in tranquillity, wellness, and rejuvenation.

Escape to Future Found

Little Kulala

Sossusvlei entices with its adventures, its landscapes, its tranquility.

Explore Little Kulala


Vast landscapes, cultural riches and rare desert wildlife.

Discover Damaraland

Serra Cafema

One of Earth’s most secluded safari destinations.

Stay at Serra Cafema

3 nights

Future Found Sanctuary

Immerse yourself in the essence of elemental luxury as you explore the carefully curated villas and gardens adorned with captivating local art, all designed to inspire you to slow down and harmonise with the natural rhythms surrounding you. With Future Found Sanctuary as your base for three nights, embark on a privately guided exploration of Cape Town with one of our Wilderness Touring guides. Whether fascinated by local history, enthralled by Cape Town’s natural beauty or set on sampling the city’s renowned cuisine, allow us to tailor your perfect trip to suit you.

Explore the extraordinary Cape Peninsula, world-class Winelands and charming coastal hamlets in your own time, safe in the capable hands of your private Wilderness guide. Return to the serene setting of Future Found Sanctuary in the shadow of Table Mountain, and let every moment be a tranquil escape from modern life.

Explore Cape Town with Wilderness Touring
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2 nights

Wilderness Little Kulala

From the serene slopes of Table Mountain, your luxury Namibian safari then begins with a two-night stay at sublime Wilderness Little Kulala. Peace and privacy can be found in all spaces at this intimate camp near the renowned dunes of Sossusvlei. With views over exquisite Namibian landscape, Little Kulala entices with its adventures, its landscapes, its tranquillity.

“We could not resist the urge to jump into Little Kulala’s inviting pool immediately upon arriving – fully clothed!” says photographer and videographer Christian Ghammachi, founder of Whereisthis, after his recent trip to Namibia. 


The private Kulala Wilderness Reserve spans 30,015 hectares, providing exclusive wildlife encounters with gemsbok (oryx), bat-eared foxes, jackals, brown hyenas, and diverse birdlife.


“We loved that some jackals elected domicile at the camp, they are beautiful creatures”, says Christian.


Enjoy unforgettable sundowner stops at picturesque locations within the reserve, and exclusive visits to Sossusvlei, before returning to the calm oasis of Little Kulala. Here, experience the enchantment of sleeping under Namibia's star-studded sky, lulled to sleep by the natural sounds of the desert from the comfort of your accommodation's lower deck.


“Wilderness staff organised an incredible sunset dinner for us on a hill not far from the camp, on Valentine’s Day. The moment was magical”, adds Christian.


This area offers unparalleled views of the night sky, free from light pollution, making it an ideal location for stargazing and learning about celestial formations. Our knowledgeable guides, skilled in astronomy, will lead you through the captivating constellations.

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2 nights

Wilderness Damaraland

From Sossusvlei, journey to otherworldly Damaraland, a mesmerising moonscape of flat-topped mountains, wind-sculpted sandstone cliffs, and expansive valleys. Wilderness Damaraland Camp offers an unparalleled setting for exploration. This remarkable landscape is not only a testament to nature's grandeur but also to the pioneering community partnership embodied by the renowned Torra Conservancy. 

On your two-night stay here, embark on thrilling guided nature drives and walks, revealing rare desert-adapted wildlife, ancient rock art, and awe-inspiring geological formations. Set against the backdrop of the Huab Valley, the camp occupies a prime spot in one of Namibia's most untamed wilderness areas.


Its simple yet elegant design seamlessly blends with the desert surroundings, offering endless vistas across stark plains and ochre-purple mountains waiting to be explored.


“Thinking back on our trip to Namibia, it’s the incredible hospitality of the staff that stands out”, says landscape photographer Jan Keller, who visited Wilderness camps in Namibia. 


“After only three nights, it already felt like we were leaving home when checking out because we just felt so welcome”.


Dare to embrace desert adventures. From immersive nature outings to cultural experiences dating back thousands of years, explore Damaraland’s rich desert biodiversity and fascinating cultural history. Take guided excursions to ancient geological wonders, explore the unique plants, birds, and reptiles that have adapted to this arid landscape, and learn about the diverse heritage of the local communities. Back in camp, unwind with a refreshing swim or convivial gatherings around the campfire.

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3 nights

Wilderness Serra Cafema

Your Namibian safari continues to the remote, extraordinary Kunene River for a final three nights. Nestled in an astonishingly remote and pristine locale, Wilderness Serra Cafema’s riverside location along this famed river invites utter relaxation. Forming the natural boundary between Namibia and Angola, the setting offers an exquisite juxtaposition between the lush river valley and the arid landscape. Here, encounter a diverse array of wildlife, including desert-adapted species like oryx and springbok, as well as Nile crocodiles and vibrant birdlife. Explore this incredibly diverse area on game drives or 4x4 ATV excursions.

“The ATV riding at Serra Cafema was magical, as it allowed us to see places we would not have reached by 4x4”, adds Christian.


Have the privilege of interacting with the Himba community, the last semi-nomadic people of Namibia, and immerse yourself in their ancient traditions. The lodge operates with a profound sense of purpose, leasing land from the Marienfluss Conservancy and supporting the Himba community through various initiatives, including education, employment, and healthcare.


“Meeting the Himba people was one of the most humbling experiences”, says Christian.


Wilderness Serra Cafema offers eight luxuriously appointed canvas guest suites, allowing visitors to unwind to the sounds of the river and the serene desert ambiance. The main area offers stunning views of the river and serves as a gathering place for enjoying local cuisine and exchanging stories against the backdrop of this extraordinary landscape.

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As your 10-night adventure draws to a close, let the memories of star-studded skies, breathtaking vistas, and heartfelt encounters with nature and community stay with you. 

Wilderness Namibia Himba

From Cape Town to Namibia

A journey of discovery

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