Damaraland Camp

Explore An Untamed Desert Wonderland

Discover rugged Damaraland. A true frontier with mountainous landscapes, cultural riches and rare desert-adapted wildlife.


Wilderness Damaraland Camp

Step into an otherworldly landscape, where desert adventures begin.


Come for the desert adapted elephants, but stay for the rich community interactions at Damaraland Camp. The harshly beautiful land will surprise with all the life it supports, revealing dramatic scenery, fascinating wildlife, unusual flora, ancient rock art, and awe-inspiring geology. Authentic and enriching cultural experiences, some dating back 6 000 years, will impress the intrepid traveller.

Wilderness Damaraland Camp Namibia Desert Elephant


Ten elevated adobe-style thatched suites celebrate the expansive landscape with unimpeded vistas across the extraordinary plains. Cool off in the pool, enjoy a spectacular breakfast stop in the desert, or relish a fireside boma evening of cultural cuisine, song and dance, canopied by countless stars.
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At Damaraland, we relish local produce and celebrate traditional dishes. The first meal of the day, a sunrise breakfast of fire brewed coffee, roosterbrood cooked over the coals, and boerewors sausage, sets the tone for what’s to come. In the afternoon, cool down with eembe ice cream and ginger biscuits, or warm up with delicious lentil soup, but save room for a boma dinner under the stars.
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Wilderness Damaraland Camp

At Wilderness Damaraland keep a keen eye out for desert-adapted wildlife. Black rhino, gemsbok, kudu, springbok, Hartman's mountain zebras, and southern giraffes make their home alongside the area’s infamous elephants. You might also be lucky and spot a lion, cheetah, or elusive brown hyena. Fascinating flora also makes an appearance, as do over 250 species of birds.


Wilderness Damaraland Camp Namibia Purpose

A pioneering spirit

Damaraland, and the local Torra Conservancy, share a story of resilience. Returning to their homeland after displacement in the early twentieth century, the Torra community thrive, largely due to Damaraland Camp. Together, we've moved from human-wildlife conflict to co-existence and conservation. Meet these farmers and become a part of our quest to increase the world's wilderness, together.






Damaraland Camp experiences

There are many ways to explore the desert at Damaraland Camp. Spot desert-adapted elephants and others on game drives, learning their survival skills in this arid place. Follow a guide on a scorpion night walk, searching for smaller desert dwellers. Marvel at the art of ages past on a day drive to an ancient rock art site.


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Integrated into Namibia in 1989, during the country’s transition to independence, Damaraland offers a unique experience. Travel back in time to the Petrified Forest, where you’ll find fossilised trees 280 million years old. Look for the octopus-like welwitschia, a plant endemic to the Namib and a true living fossil.  Explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites and marvel at ancient rock painting sites. 

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Damaraland camp awards

Camp awards

Damaraland is a beacon of conservation tourism. Over decades of operation, its success has paved the way for many sustainable safaris to follow suit. The hard work of our teams on the ground and the communities we work alongside have been recognised through numerous awards. And we couldn’t be prouder.
Tripadvisor COE 2019

African Responsible Tourism 2017

Tourism for Tomorrow Award 2005

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Wilderness Damaraland Camp has many stories to share. And it’s no surprise with its unique wildlife, beautiful scenery, fascinating history, and community and culture at its core. We would love to share our tales from the Namib Desert with you and hope that one day you too will have your own stories to share.
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