Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

The Misty Hoanib – A Poem by Brecit Hebach

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Brecit Hebach


Let your mind wander all the way to Namibia’s Skeleton Coast with this evocative poem from Wilderness Safaris’ staff member Brecit Hebach.

The Misty Hoanib

Glancing into the abyss, a blanket of cold murky haze obscuring sunrays
Fog hangs low and heavy, creating a fine mist on the hills and in the valley.

A step further into the dew cloth drapery, the feeling of damp strands on long yellow grass, as thick as morning tears.

Whisking against your face, microscopic particles of water dance wildly through the air.

Taking a deep breath, lungs filled with the dreamy scents of fragrance pass, bearing only perfumes and scents of healing herbs.

In the far horizon twilight fades against the soft glowing light from the sky
To uncover the beauty of Hoanib coming to life on a winter’s morning.

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