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One Land Rover. Two passionate safari guides. A few rustic tents and a dream to showcase the wild, authentic African wilderness. It’s been nearly forty years since the humble inception of Wilderness Safaris, and while our ethos and passion for conserving the Earth’s wild places hasn’t changed, a lot of other things have. In the time we’ve been operating, over 10% of the world’s wilderness has been lost. Our goal? To double the land we help conserve by 2030. To better position ourselves for global growth, and to continue to make a lasting impact on the planet’s wild places, we needed to rethink and strengthen our brand. We are Wilderness. The same company, with the same lasting legacy, a little more modern, edgy, and more determined than ever make an impact on the Earth’s wild places.

Why Rebrand?

From modest beginnings to being recognised as Africa’s leading conservation and hospitality company, Wilderness has evolved, grown, expanded and improved over the last four decades. We’re proud of the six million acres we conserve, and we’ve got our sights set on six hundred million more. We’ve moved with the times to ensure we continue to lead the way, conserving our planet’s wilderness in Africa and beyond. Our strengthened brand reflects our bold identity and ambitious global conservation goals.



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1. What does that future look like?

In short, it’s bright. Our conservation hospitality footprint has grown to include Kenya and Tanzania. And that’s just the beginning.  Africa will always be home to Wilderness, and we’ll continue to increase our impact on this wild, wonderful continent. But with so many wild places threatened globally, it’s time to extend our protection. We’ll be venturing beyond the Mother Continent, offering unrivalled journeys to Earth’s ultimate, untamed places.


2. What kind of experiences will you be offering?

Already we offer so much more than the regular safari experience; exclusive primate-trekking, star-gazing, boating adventures, cultural experiences. Safaris are synonymous with Africa, and while that will absolutely remain our expertise, we’ll be offering other opportunities for experiential luxury travel in natural, wild locations outside of Africa. The same heart-thumping, life-changing, authentic encounters Wilderness is known for.


3. Why the change of name?

We’ve stripped it down to what’s at the core of our purpose: increasing the world’s wilderness. Although safaris will always be an important part of what we do, it’s time for our name to reflect our diversity and our ambition. From now on, we are Wilderness, a name that reflects the global brand we are building outside of the classic safari experience.


4. Why the change of logo and look and feel?

Our new logo is inspired by the unfenced, the untamed, the unpredictable. It inspires exploration of these wild habitats we conserve, it dares us to part the grass and see what lies within these wild, iconic places. It’s an inspiration for our entire collective– current and future, an invitation to explore the raw and real wilderness, together.


5. Unpack your new tagline – Discover Earth’s Ultimate, Untamed Places?

The more we grow, the greater the impact we have on the wild places we conserve, the species we protect and the communities we serve and empower. Our new tagline speaks to our ambition to increase the Earth’s wilderness, and invites our cherished guests – current and future, to join us on this thrilling adventure.


Discover Earth's Ultimate, Untamed Places

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