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As Zimbabwe’s borders open up to international travellers, Wilderness Safaris is delighted to welcome guests to its exclusive Linkwasha and Davison’s camps. Set in the wildlife-rich Hwange National Park, both camps are world-renowned for their remote setting within Wilderness Safaris’ unique and private concession in the enormously productive south-eastern corner of Hwange.

"Hwange’s wide open spaces and exciting wildlife encounters, combined with the intimate nature of our camps, makes Linkwasha and Davison’s the perfect options for guests looking to reconnect with nature, themselves and their loved ones during this time, in an extremely safe and pristine environment, far from the madding crowd.  "

Linkwasha Hwange Wilderness Safari Camp
Linkwasha Hwange Wilderness Safari Camp

Zimbabwe's largest national park, Hwange, is home to some of southern Africa's last great elephant, buffalo and sable herds, and plays an integral role in a network of southern African conservation areas. For this and other reasons, this beautiful river-bounded country is a vital link in the broad sweep of intact wilderness areas across the southern half of the African continent.

Large herds of elephant follow each other in a perpetual procession to the life-giving waters of scattered pans and waterholes

Over 650 species of birds occur in Zimbabwe, of which many – while not true endemics – are difficult to find elsewhere. About 420 species have been recorded in the Hwange region, with several being special to the western part of the country: red-billed spurfowl, red-eyed bulbul, crimson-breasted shrike and black-winged pratincole (seasonal). Bradfield’s hornbill, racket-tailed roller and Arnot’s chat are found in the teak woodlands, while grey crowned cranes share the area with ostrich and kori bustard.

Linkwasha Camp

Ideally situated in one of the most game-rich areas in Hwange, Linkwasha is dedicated to conservation and community enrichment, while offering a luxurious and exclusive safari experience. The private concession’s exceptional winter game viewing is complemented by easy access to nearby Ngamo Plains, known for its abundant wildlife in the summer months.

The camp’s fresh contemporary design echoes the wide-open vistas that stretch out around it, with multi-tier platforms providing a range of vantage points from which to enjoy the continuous parade of wildlife at the neighbouring pan, from herds of elephant to an assortment of plains game, including giraffe, buffalo and zebra.

Highlights at Linkwasha include sleep-outs at the highly productive Scott’s Pan, as well as life-affirming nature walks, where you are guided through the bush to get an up-close and personal experience.

Not to be missed is the sunken bunker at the prolific waterhole in front of camp. From this prime location you are able to witness a procession of animals arriving for a cool drink while sitting peacefully at eye level (or trunk level in the case of the elephants). Fitted with a mini bar, coffee-making facilities and even two daybeds, it’s the perfect place for an afternoon siesta! There are also fans so the interior is pleasantly cool.

Davison’s Camp

Set in a shady grove of ancient false mopane trees, Davison’s Camp overlooks grassy plains and a shallow pan that entices a steady stream of plains game and elephant herds in their hundreds, especially in the water-scarce winter months. Named after Ted Davison, the first warden of the Park who devoted 30 years of his life to it, Davison’s offers the quintessential Hwange experience.

The main area comprises a spacious lounge and dining area, leading onto an expansive deck with an open campfire area, perfect for socially distanced evening musings or star gazing. The refreshing pool and its loungers are beautifully positioned for relaxation, while a small upper deck is an ideal location from which to watch wildlife at the waterhole.

Wilderness Davison's Guest Tent Zimbabwe
Wilderness Davison's Guest Tent Zimbabwe

A must-experience for every Davison’s guests is a visit to the Scorpion Anti-Poaching Unit (SAPU) headquarters, where you are able to meet and interact with the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA) and SAPU teams, who work in partnership with Wilderness Safaris. Read more about this impressive initiative and find out how you can make a difference and help this great cause.

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