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Amazing Places to Sleep Under the African Stars


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The best Wilderness Star Beds on safari

Romance in the Wilderness

Luxurious silence. Quiet seclusion. A wild night under the stars. What could be more transformative than basking in the romantic wilderness with a loved one?


As we embrace February, the “month of love”, we want to take you on a little adventure with us. Whether on a safari honeymoon, celebrating a big anniversary or simply enjoying a romantic safari getaway with your significant other, we propose a night in one of our exclusive Star Beds. Revel in the romantic adventure of an authentic wildlife experience; these raised open-air structures set away from the camps invite a rare opportunity to get close to nature and experience an extraordinary night under the stars.

Imagine going to sleep at night on a raised platform completely enveloped by the magnificent night sky. It’s just you and your partner, with the world standing still as you delight in the romance of an African safari. The sky is the darkest you’ve ever seen it, the stars brighter than you could imagine. The only sounds are those belonging to the calls of the night – an elephant’s deep-bellied rumble, the eerie whoop of a hyena or the evocative roar of a lion.


All our Star Beds and sleep-out platforms are equipped with everything you may need for a good night’s rest: the luxury of a comfortable bed, crisp linen, bathroom facilities and the knowledge that you’re safe in the hands of your nearby guide, suspended above the ground on an open air deck under the night sky.


Our Star Beds are between 15-60 minutes away from the main camps, accessed via game drive vehicles or boats, depending on the camp; you'll enjoy a scenic journey with wildlife sightings along the way. Opt for a candlelit dinner for two or a morning bush breakfast; your meals can be customised to suit your romantic night out in the wild.


Sleep out under the stars in Botswana


Wilderness Tubu Tree & Little Tubu – Hide out in the Okavango Delta

The soft splash of a heron taking flight. The smell of wet earth. The low chattering of monkeys settling in for another night in Botswana’s wild Okavango Delta; thoroughly immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and scents of the wilderness. This beautiful Okavango Delta hide, accessed by guests at both Wilderness Tubu Tree and Little Tubu camps, offers an exquisite platform from which to enjoy passing wildlife. At night, the hide is transformed into a sleep-out Star Bed, an exceptional safari honeymoon experience.


Wilderness Jao – A nocturnal slumber in nature

Set among islands fringed with riverine forests and vast floodplains teeming with wildlife, Wilderness Jao offers guests the opportunity to sleep under inky African skies at the nearby Star Bed (roughly 20 minutes’ drive from camp). Sip a nightcap before slipping between the sheets and falling asleep to the haunting sounds of the night. Awaken to find yourself surrounded by beautiful 360-degree views of the Okavango Delta floodplains.


Wilderness Savuti – Drift off under a blanket of stars

This much-loved safari camp is situated in the private Linyanti Wildlife Reserve along the Savuti Channel, famous as a sporadic and unusual watercourse. An hour from Wilderness Savuti, sleep out at the sublime Star Bed at Lake Zibadianja, a sprawling oasis in an otherwise dry, scrub savannah landscape. Complete with wooden roof, open-air dining area, private fire pit and sunken lounge area overlooking the lagoon, Savuti’s two storey Star Bed invites you to lie back in comfort and immerse yourself in the sights, scents and sounds of the night.


Sleep out in Namibia’s famed Dark Sky country


Wilderness Doro Nawas – A million-star experience

Far-removed from pollution and unnatural light sources, Namibia is one of the best places to appreciate Africa’s enchanting night sky. On the edge of the dry Aba-Huab River, Wilderness Doro Nawas overlooks ancient plains with expansive views of the rugged Damaraland area. Each guest room has a deck area that also converts into a space for stargazing or sleeping out, making Wilderness Doro Nawas one of the best African safari destinations for couples.


Wilderness Little Kulala – Celebrating the night sky

Watch rust coloured sand turn vivid shades of orange and pink as the sun sinks behind some of the world’s tallest dunes. Situated at the foot of the majestic Sossusvlei Dunes, Wilderness Little Kulala is the closest lodge to Sossusvlei. Inspired by the highly photogenic Dead Vlei, the design of the 11 climate-controlled, thatched suites, each with a private plunge pool, merges seamlessly into the timeless desert setting. The beds can be rolled out onto the deck for sleeping under the night sky. Enjoy a night immersed in the tranquility of endless space and star-studded constellations on your safari honeymoon.


Sleep out under the night sky in Zimbabwe


Wilderness Linkwasha – Where the wild things are

Vast stretches of savannah grasslands, lush woodland thickets, waterholes and pans that attract more elephants than you can imagine; in a private concession in the enormously productive south-eastern corner of Hwange National Park, the luxury of Wilderness Linkwasha invites an unmatched romantic African safari. At night, opt to sleep out at the Star Bed at Scott’s Pan, situated roughly 15 minutes from Wilderness Linkwasha. The waterhole is a magnet for wildlife that arrives for a late night drink as you sit having a nightcap of your own. Wake up to watch the sunrise and look out to see the animals come through for a morning drink.


Wilderness Little Makalolo – Unlock the treasures of the night

A blanket of stars in an inky sky. The faint trill of an owlet. Quiet, reverberating rumbles and the soft sound of heavy footsteps; elephants heading for water. Like Linkwasha, Wilderness Little Makalolo has a Star Bed of its own, situated at the productive Madison Pan. From the raised deck, sit and look out over the passing wildlife that comes to drink; a dazzle of zebra as the sun sets, herds of elephant in the night, or a lone hyena at sunrise. When rumblings of your own begin, Little Makalolo’s Star Bed even has its own wood-fired oven for pizza – a delicious treat to enjoy in the middle of the bush.


Wilderness Ruckomechi – Dream amongst the constellations

Supremely remote and wild, the wildlife-rich channels and islands of Mana Pools National Park invite privacy and romance on an unmatched level. Situated in a large private concession in the heart of the Zambezi Valley, Wilderness Ruckomechi looks out from the banks of the mighty Zambezi River. Ruckomechi’s Star Bed is about 400 metres from the camp and can be requested for dinner or breakfast – a delightful indulgence to enjoy at this romantic and secluded spot.


Book your night under the stars

Star Beds are subject to availability; to arrange a night under the stars, book at least three nights at one of these Wilderness camps. Star Beds should be booked ahead of time during the dry season, while in the wet season bookings are weather-dependent.


Whether on an African safari honeymoon, or a special couple’s getaway, our supremely inviting camps offer a night under the stars in some of the most beautiful areas on the African continent.


Looking into the night, I can see eyes staring back at me. In the dark, something is moving. I am afraid, but I am also happy. I have never been here before, and yet I feel like I have returned. I am at peace.


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