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Zimbabwe's summer season beckons lovebirds

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Embrace the romance of a Zimbabwe safari

In the heart of Africa, Zimbabwe is currently revealing its enchanting side. Summer here (November through March) is the green season, a time of renewal and the ideal setting for couples seeking a romantic escape.


Like a new romance, it’s a time when excitement blossoms… seasonal rains result in a productive paradise, complete with kaleidoscopic floral displays and profusions of colour. Here, love is quite literally in the air – with summer temperatures perfect for mild predawn starts, afternoon excursions, and nights spent star gazing.

Bright futures take shape… there’s an explosion of new life with many species giving birth to their young. But uncertainty also lurks around every corner – with lion, cheetah, wild dog and leopard attracted to the plains, thrilling predator-prey action awaits under vivid, dramatic skies. Putting your best foot forward makes all the difference. And the birds, especially, get in on the action, bedecked in full breeding plumage.


Create a lifetime of memories together on this summer season safari in the Zambezi, combining one of our safari camps in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park with some down time on the romantic banks of the Zambezi near Victoria Falls.

Wilderness Davisons Zimbabwe Guest Tent Private Deck


Unforgettable wildlife moments deliver a great introduction to your first safari together.

Discover Davison's


In Hwange National Park’s abundant plains, revel in space and privacy, and exceptional sightings.

Luxury at Linkwasha

Toka Leya

A romantic setting on the banks of the Zambezi with the Victoria Falls thundering on the horizon.

Explore Toka Leya


Wilderness Davison's (3 nights)

For those seeking their first safari experience, Wilderness Davison's provides an affordable option, particularly in summer when the rates are lower. And yet, the authentic nature of this wild place is not compromised; rather, it is accentuated by the lush surroundings and the vibrant energy of life on the plains.


In the summer months, the rhythmic dance of rainfall breathes new life and as the heavens grace the land. A vibrant tapestry of green unfurls, inviting an array of wildlife to gather in sweeping, edge-to-edge vistas. The local populations of grazers, drawn to the lush grass shoots, attract predators, weaving tales of survival and beauty. Elephants and buffalo, steadfast residents of Hwange National Park, make their majestic presence known, adding a sense of timeless continuity to the ever-changing landscape.


Back in camp, African décor and earthy tones create a calm, authentic atmosphere, seamlessly blending with the natural beauty. Cosy up to your loved one, while savouring a sundowner and local snacks at one of Hwange's pans, the vibrant hues of the setting sun reflecting in the water. Or gather around the fire in the boma, the heart of camp life, as dinner cooks over the flames, and stories of the day's adventures weave their way through the crackling embers. And finally, when the night sky unfolds its celestial wonders, turn your attention to the heavens, where the Milky Way puts on its nightly stellar performance. A love story written in the language of the wild.

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Wilderness Linkwasha (3 nights)

Alternatively, choose to spend your time in Zimbabwe at Wilderness Linkwasha. While renowned for their dry-season wildlife concentrations, the south-eastern plains of Hwange National Park, where Wilderness Linkwasha is located, hold a secret. A hidden tale of enchantment that unfolds in the green season.


As winter's grasp releases its hold at the end of November, the magic of south-eastern Hwange emerges, transforming the landscape into a vibrant canvas of life, all the way through to March. The Ngamo Plains become an oasis for wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, waterbuck, impala, kudu, and stately eland – their numbers stretching from modest gatherings to grand spectacles in the hundreds.


Shy and reclusive, roan and sable also make their captivating appearance, drawn to the flourishing greenery of summer. Rare gemsbok, venturing remarkably far east, and reedbuck, normally associated with wetlands, reveal themselves, adding an element of surprise. All the while the sky, too, contributes to this poetic symphony, as regal grey crowned cranes and a kaleidoscope of migrant birds paint the air with vibrant hues and melodious tunes.


Here, in the protective shade of ancient leadwood trees, Linkwasha’s nine elegant tented suites offer front-row seats to the captivating drama playing out on the plains. And for those seeking more intimate encounters with nature, a sunken hide beckons. Here, you can spend quiet hours, hidden from view, as elephants and other creatures of the wild go about their thrilling routines at the waterhole, oblivious to your presence. As night descends, the bravest hearts can venture to the Star Bed. Underneath a blanket of stars, a chorus of owls and the haunting whoops of hyenas compose the soundtrack of your dreams. A place to cultivate a love affair with nature.

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Wilderness Toka Leya (3 nights)

In the emerald embrace of summer, when the African sky heaves with mid-afternoon storms, the Victoria Falls – and Wilderness Toka Leya – is the place to be. A mere 12 kilometres north-west of the Victoria Falls, in the heart of Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, this elegant camp beckons. Here, allow love to take root against a backdrop of lush green foliage, serenaded by the mighty Zambezi River. As it swells with the summer rains, the Victoria Falls cascade with a thunderous roar, causing a fine mist to delicately kiss the skin, and an ethereal connection to form as rainbows paint the sky. Adventurous souls get a heart-stopping perspective of the Falls from a helicopter flight.


At Wilderness Toka Leya, the spacious decks and white-sand beach become a romantic stage for sightings of hippos, crocs, and elephants in the river. Begin your day with yoga or quiet meditation on your private veranda. Let the spa's soothing touch prepare you for the day, before surrendering to the infinity pool's irresistible invitation. Or simply relax at the airy and luxurious lounge, dining area, and bar, a sanctuary for stolen glances and shared whispers.


Indulge in a traditional tasting basket over lunch, or be seduced by the magic of a delightful high tea on the banks of the Zambezi. And as the setting sun caresses the Zambezi, a boat cruise on the river is a must-do, set to a sweet symphony of avian love. Finally, relish one of our legendary wood-fired pizzas after sundowners, toasting to a glorious day over the mesmerising waters. A romance as timeless as the river itself.

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Green season in Zimbabwe

Discover the lush scenery, majestic birdlife, abundant antelope and thrilling predator sightings that Hwange National Park offers in summer, combined with a trip Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

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