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Encounter the Extraordinary

Discover Wilderness Chitabe and its prolific wildlife, for an out-of-this-world safari experience.


Wilderness Chitabe

Grab your camera for some of the best photo ops in Africa.


Renowned as a predator hotspot, Botswana’s Chitabe is ideally located on private conservation land, bordered on the north by the famed Moremi Game Reserve. Here a mosaic of habitats supports outstanding wildlife numbers and biodiversity, and some of the most thrilling predator-prey sightings on Earth.

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Chitabe’s rich, earthy colours and African décor ground you in the bush – as do the striking wildlife photographs of Chitabe co-owner, internationally acclaimed photographer Dave Hamman. The authentic individually styled tented accommodation at Chitabe is made to feel even warmer by the loyal staff, who have a profound knowledge of the area and its wildlife.
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Immerse yourself in the safari spirit with beautiful bush picnics in the heart of the Okavango Delta. Celebrate a magical evening in Africa with a traditional barbeque highlighting local cuisine. Wake up to a tasty breakfast with one of the best views in the world. Every day brings something special at Chitabe.
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Wilderness Chitabe

Arrive as a stranger but leave as a friend at Wilderness Chitabe. Here the personalised touch and stunning individually styled tented suites are enhanced by the owners' particular interest in wild dogs and photography. Let us share our passion for the Okavango Delta with you.


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Supporting conservation

By staying at Chitabe, you directly impact the wild animals that call the Okavango Delta home. That’s because Chitabe supports Wild Entrust Africa, the umbrella organisation for all large predator conservation research in Botswana. Your stay also benefits our local employees with life-enriching school education donations and generous profit-shares.






Chitabe experiences

Feel the steady beat of adrenaline as you watch a lioness stalking, almost invisible in the tawny winter grass. Listen to the greeting growls and squeals of wild dogs. Walk seasonally to view life along and in the Gomoti Channel. As you slip off to dreamland, spy an elephant feeding outside your window in the moonlight. This is Chitabe.


Explore camps in the Okavango Delta

Chitabe covers 22,000 hectares of pristine Okavango Delta wilderness, home to some of the best wildlife sightings on Earth. Here Botswana’s seasonal Gomoti River brings an ebb and flow of ever-changing wildlife to the camp and the floodplains that surround it.

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Chitabe awards

Camp awards

With a co-owner that’s already a critically acclaimed international photographer, it should come as no surprise that Chitabe has also scooped its fair share of awards.  
Tripadvisor COE 2019

African Responsible Tourism 2017

Readers Choice Award


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Chitabe featured stories

Many who come to Wilderness Chitabe think twice about sharing their adventures, content to just keep this special piece of Africa all to themselves. We think her majestic beauty and abundant wildlife experiences are simply too good not to share. Here are her stories.
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