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Kulala Desert Lodge

Namib Desert Retreat

Explore the ancient dunes of Sossusvlei at Kulala Desert Lodge. Discover fascinating desert-adapted creatures.


Wilderness Kulala Desert Lodge

An unforgettable desert adventure.


An exclusive-use gate from Wilderness Kulula Desert Lodge gives you early access to Sossusvlei, one of the most remarkable landscapes on Earth. Hike along the 30-metre deep Sesriem Canyon, where water has carved through the rock over millennia. Take a leisurely stroll near camp on the Tsauchab River Trail. Perhaps even more unforgettable: take it all in from above, *hot-air ballooning over this fantastical landscape.


*additional cost applies.



Down-to-earth, comfortable Kulala Desert Lodge beckons groups, families, and self-drive guests with a convivial atmosphere that will have you feeling at home in no time. Each of the 23 canvas and thatch rooms features a flat rooftop, ideal for sleep-outs under the extraordinarily clear Namibian night sky.
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Delectable cuisine and unforgettable dining moments punctuate the experience at Kulala. Start your day with a champagne breakfast after a once-in-a-lifetime balloon flight over the dunes. Enjoy a lazy bush lunch in a dry river bed or pizzas at the pool. Stop for a gin and tonic as the sun turns the desert ablaze. Finally, feast on a traditional dinner under the stars amongst new friends.
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Wilderness Kulala Desert Lodge

On guided nature walks or drives from Wilderness Kulala Desert Lodge, venture into the remote and dramatic landscape. Look out for what game may appear, perhaps a herd of oryx running across the sands. Congregate at the camp living area, the sparkling pool, or on the wraparound veranda to see what desert-adapted animals will show up at the waterhole next.


Wilderness Kulala Desert Lodge Namibia Purpose

Transformation into wilderness

It was a wildly ambitious plan. Take arid land used for goat farming and rewild it. But at Wilderness, we've always pushed conservation boundaries because we know it is worth it. Today, Kulala Desert Lodge and its seemingly barren landscape are once again teeming with life. Here you will remember the true power of nature's will to live.






Kulala Desert experiences

Climb up, and run down, the 300-metre red ochre dunes of Sossusvlei. On a guided nature drive, enjoy a coffee stop to appreciate the scenery and stillness of the desert. Dash over the plains on an electric fatbike, a family favourite. Sip sundowners as the sun fires up the sky, then fades. Sleep out on your rooftop under millions of stars.  


Explore camps in Sossusvlei

Discover a land of barren beauty and impressive contrasts. Sossusvlei’s star dunes reflect the wind blowing from all directions, forming over millions of years, shape-shifting to eventually block the Tsauchab River. Thus creating the dead-end, which centuries ago led to the near-mummification of the haunting Dead Vlei trees, black against the white clay pan.  

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Kulala awards

Camp awards

Kulala Desert Lodge is a beacon of conservation tourism. Over decades of operation, its success has paved the way for many sustainable safaris to follow suit. The hard work of our teams on the ground and the communities we work alongside have been recognised through many awards. And we couldn’t be prouder.
Tripadvisor COE 2019

TripAdvisor CoE 2017

Readers Choice Award


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