Isaac’s Long-Awaited Return to Kafue’s Busanga Plains

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Isaac Kalio


On 15 June, I finally arrived in the Busanga Plains, my heart racing at the thought of being back in my most special place. I was met by an old friend of mine, Stanley, for the boat transfer to camp. It was now dusk but even in the fading light we could still find our way. All I could think of was the thrill of seeing the Plains at first light.

We woke up the next day to a very cold morning, the floodplain in front of Shumba Camp blanketed in a beautiful thick mist. What a lovely start to the day! With my Olympus camera in hand, every animal in the mist presented a photo opportunity. The sun rising through the mist brought beautiful light and colour, making the whole photographic experience even more striking. I took a few shots on land before jumping on the boat to see what was out there waiting for us – my heart filled with joy at being back in this pristine wilderness area.

The abundance of wildlife to be seen amazed me. In the past few months the area has filled with lots of water, but I was surprised at how quickly the water is already receding. Nevertheless, we were still able explore the Plains by boat.

All around, wildlife – from massive crocodiles basking in the sun to lechwe, puku, and buffalo, as well as a variety of birdlife – could be seen.

My heart was beating in the hope of seeing the Papyrus Pride, but sadly, I was unable to find them on this visit. Friends who live in the area have said that the pride has become stronger, and has been seen taking down buffalo. The cubs are now sub-adults and the pride dynamics will have shifted – bringing new stories for us to share!

I hope that all my Wilderness Safaris friends will enjoy this update and photographic highlights from my visit in June. I look forward to sharing Part 2 with you soon.

Update by Wilderness Safaris Shumba Guide, Isaac Kalio – June 2020

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