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While a large amount of the news in the world right now has created anxiety and sadness, we are also hearing stories of hope, resilience and new ways of protecting our planet. With this in mind we launched our #IDreamOfAfrica campaign, inviting friends, guests and staff to share all their great African memories with us.



Over the weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown in southern Africa, an exciting line-up of riveting stories is being shared. Each week brings new themed stories to inspire and let your dreams take hold.



Join us on the following channels for the duration of the stories (until May 2020) for daily inspiration, and to keep Africa close to your heart and mind, wherever you may be.



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In the first week of April we invited staff, friends and guests to share their African-inspired poetry, and were blown away by the beautiful responses we had from everyone, and the many poems that were shared with us.


Have a look at some of our favourites below…


Wilderness - A Poem by Ian McCallum



Wilderness Safaris’ friend, psychiatrist, wilderness guide and poet, Ian McCallum, has shared a poem he penned based on his experiences with us. Dr McCallum additionally recited this and some of his other poems live on our Facebook page.



Listen to more of his inspiring poems here:

Meet the Herd by Priyanka Handa Ram


Children’s book author Priyanka Handa Ram spent time at Abu with their special herd of elephants. The Abu Herd touched her so deeply she was moved to write and share a poem – which staff discovered left behind in her tent as a gift for them and the Abu Herd.




"I’m almost at a loss for words about how incredible this trip was for me. I went because I genuinely needed some time to myself and it was the most healing, transformative and connecting two days I’ve ever experienced. The staff at the camp treated me like family, the arrangements were seamless, the Wilderness Safaris team at the airport and on the flight were helpful and efficient. Everything was pretty much perfection. I couldn’t have wished for more and will definitely be going back! "

A New Day – A Wilderness-Inspired Poem



Little Ruckomechi Camp Manager Edmond Mudzimu shares his lyrical response to the current ecotourism “shut down” – from his home in the heart of Zimbabwe’s COVID-19 lockdown.


Eddie introduced his poem, saying, “In Africa, we live for every new day, as it brings the lessons of yesterday. We embrace each fresh start, revelling in her warmth – and the warmth of our people.


“Now we call on the Wilderness Safaris family to join us on this new day, a new day that 37 years of experience has prepared us for. Our experience has also taught us that as surely as the sun rises, the day will fade into night.


“And this we know – Africa never sleeps. Africa is life, a gift – of fauna, flora, and people. As its people, we can’t wait welcome you on your dream trip. To make it more than a memory in your heart, mind and soul – rather a forever ache to one day return to this magical continent”.




I Dreamt of a 'Cleaner' Africa – A Poem by Sean Van Der Merwe


With everyone in isolation, it’s as if Earth finally has time to breathe – and exhale. Mombo Camp GM Sean Van Der Merwe explores our impact on nature, and what this time of transformation means…



The Soul - A Poem by Yolande Groenewaldt


The soul is very emotive, and in most cases hard to describe. Wilderness Namibia staff member Yolande Groenewaldt uses some great imagery to explain the wildness of her soul, and what it means to be African.



The Magic - A Poem by Mrinalina S.W.


Inspired by her safari, Mrinalini Sisodia Wadhwa, a then Grade 10 student from India, sent us an impassioned poem that captivated us all. On her last night at Savuti Camp she read her poem around the campfire, enchanting our guests, guides and camp staff alike.





Where is my Africa?


Josephine Bestic, Wilderness Safaris Copywriter and Editor, shared her evocative poem with us – a beautiful tribute to Africa.





Who Do We Owe? - A Poem by Tracey Mabasa


Tracey Mabasa is a Children in The Wilderness South Africa Eco-Club member from the Makuleke community, who graduated from high school in 2017 with six distinctions. She entered the NYM Cultural Youth Awards with her entertaining visual poem below – we hope you will enjoy it as much as we have.






Africa, My Muse – A Poem by Alison May



If you are like us, you will be dreaming of Africa right now… Enjoy Alison’s journey into her “theatre of the mind”, as you savour the sounds, scents and feelings of a safari – even if just for a few minutes.




Delta - A Poem by Thulaganyo Makgetho


Children in The Wilderness Eco-Club member Thulaganyo Makgetho wrote a beautiful poem about what the Okavango Delta means to her – and with all the great reports coming in on how the water levels are steadily rising, it was perfect timing for this particular ode.






Join us next week for a roundup of delicious recipes and beverages straight from our Wilderness Kitchens to yours. We look forward to sharing a taste of Africa with you!


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