Life-filled valley

A dynamic Zimbabwean safari experience along the pulsing riverine belt of the iconic Mana Pools.  


Wilderness Chikwenya

Tranquil luxury in wild Zimbabwe.


At the confluence of the Sapi and Zambezi Rivers, sublime tranquillity meets exceptional wilderness at Chikwenya. This private conservation area on Mana Pools’ eastern boundary is wild, exclusive, and bristling with iconic African wildlife with an air of untamed adventure. Come explore.



Exquisitely peaceful, Chikwenya’s seven elegant tented suites (including two family units with private pools) rest in a grove of shady indigenous trees, inviting elephants, stately eland, and an array of birds to the camp. In light tones of cream and beige, Chikwenya exudes tranquillity, an elegant space blending into the pristine wilderness.
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Enjoy brunch under the sprawling shade of a Natal mahogany, to the chatter of monkeys and birds in the canopy above. Cold drink in hand, watch the wide Zambezi turn pink, reflecting the warm colours of the setting sun. The menu at Chikwenya heroes local Zimbabwean ingredients, cooked in the traditional way; over the coals, under the stars.
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Wilderness Chikwenya

This sublime seasonal Zimbabwean safari camp rests in a shady grove of albida trees, a favourite amongst Mana Pools’ elephants. Chikwenya is situated in a private wilderness area, on the eastern side of the national park, with views over the Zambezi River and across to the magnificent Rift Valley mountains. Wildlife wanders freely between Chikwenya’s seven suites, open from April to November.


Wilderness Chikwenya Zimbabwe Area

Sacred Chikwenya

Looking around Mana Pools, it’s not hard to see why UNESCO declared this magnificent national park a World Heritage Site. Exquisitely tranquil, it is a privilege to behold the pure wilderness and knockout wildlife sightings found in this remarkable corner of Africa. Revered by locals, listen to stories of Chikwenya, named for a beloved female ruler buried beneath a nearby baobab.






Chikwenya experiences

Chikwenya delivers thrills aplenty. Feel your heart quicken as you catch sight of a movement in the bush from a game drive: the flick of an ear, the swish of a tail. Scan the treeline for hundreds of birds, hear their calls early in the morning. Feel the tug of a tiger fish pulling on your line. Reel it in, admire it and set it free as you navigate the Zambezi waters.


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Chikwenya borders north-eastern Mana Pools, along a productive riverine belt, known for high concentrations of wildlife. Chikwenya sits at the confluence of the Sapi and Zambezi rivers, with magnificent views over Chikwenya Island and the breath-taking Rift Valley escarpment across the river in the background.

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