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When it comes to capturing the raw beauty and drama of the African wilderness, there’s nowhere quite like Botswana. Embark on an 8-night luxury Botswana photographic safari across our exclusive regions; from the iconic Okavango Delta to Wilderness’ newest destination in remote Mababe and the water-rich Linyanti, these premium destinations in Botswana are a haven for those with a lens and a love for the wild.

Wilderness Chitabe Accommodation Camp Fire


Renowned as a predator hotspot, ideally located by the famed Moremi Game Reserve.

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A thrilling new Botswana adventure awaits, our new camp in the heart of the Mababe Depression.

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Guests enjoying the view from the deck at Kings Pool

King's Pool

You can expect the royal treatment, as the wildlife comes to you in this regal safari camp.

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3 nights

Wilderness Chitabe

Your introduction to the wilds of Botswana begins at Wilderness Chitabe. Located on a picturesque old tree-island in the prime south-east of the Okavango Delta, Chitabe is in a league of its own when it comes to big cat sightings. Prides of lions, cheetahs and leopards are all found on the plains in this wildlife-rich area, and photographers after shots of big cats won’t have to travel far to capture incredible predator-prey dynamics.

Co-owner Dave Hamman is a talented photographer, and has spent time photographing some of Africa’s most pristine landscapes. “Botswana is a country with many diverse habitats, and Chitabe is the pinnacle of diversity and opportunity for wildlife photography. The variety of habitat at Chitabe gives rise to an unbelievable variety of species, both flora and fauna”, says Dave.


The camp has eight spacious Meru-style tented rooms, each built on elevated wooden decks and decorated with wildlife photographs taken in the surrounding area, many by Dave himself. The rooms include large en-suite bathrooms with double-vanity basins, and indoor- and outdoor showers. Elevated walkways connect the rooms to the thatched dining area and a lounge leading to open decking, with superb views across a floodplain. 


Chitabe has a view-facing pool providing a cool refuge during the heat of the day. Enjoy day and night game drives in open 4x4 vehicles, exceptional birding in the diverse surrounding habitats, and excellent guiding with a keen focus on getting you in the right spot for the perfect shot. Keep your camera handy at all times, as wildlife roams freely beneath the walkways in camp.

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3 nights

Wilderness Mokete

From the Okavango Delta, fly by helicopter over never-ending herds on your way to remarkable, remote Mababe. Here, summer rains fill an expansive marsh, creating an enormous wetland that attracts wildlife in unimaginable numbers. Situated between the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park, this ecosystem is unlike any other in Botswana, and when it comes to photographing great herds of antelope and elephant, nothing compares to Mababe.

Photographers looking to capture the drama and dust of hundreds of hooves moving across a plain enjoy exclusive access to 50,000 hectares of untouched, protected conservation land at Wilderness Mokete. Activities are flexible, allowing for extended game drives, guided walks, bush picnics and night drives. Book a private vehicle, charge your camera and arrange to spend the entire day out, leaving no landscapes or sightings uncaptured. With hungry predators often on the hunt, this is also a fantastic place to photograph your first kill. Wilderness Mokete also offers cultural experiences, including visits to Mababe village to learn about local traditions such as storytelling, tracking, and basket-weaving. 


Newly opened and completely powered by solar, Wilderness Mokete has nine en-suite tents designed in a minimalist style, but without forgoing any comfort. Only canvas separates you from nature, inviting an immersive experience in Botswana’s wilds. Take your camera to the sunken hide in camp, and spend an afternoon photographing the extensive birdlife while waiting for the wildlife to come to you. Due to the open layout and high density of wildlife, only guests 16 and older are permitted to stay.

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2 nights

Wilderness King's Pool

From the plains of Mababe, head north to the wild Linyanti. Here, expansive grasslands, floodplains and mopane woodlands make this place where the Linyanti River meets the Savuti Channel one of Botswana’s most diverse habitats, and a wildlife hotspot. After the Okavango Delta and vast Mababe, photographers visiting King’s Pool get a chance to capture wildlife from a different angle. Elephants are the stars of the show here, traversing the same ancient migratory corridors their ancestors have used for decades. 

Each of the eight guest tents at Wilderness King’s Pool has a large bedroom and lounge area leading to an expansive deck overlooking the lagoon. At the main area, spend time at the pool, in the library, or at the convivial bar on the deck overlooking the water. After a morning of game drives or boating activities, spend time with your camera in either of the camp’s hides; one of which is a sunken hide eye-level with the water. Head out on an evening drive and capture nocturnal creatures as they begin their nightly routines; hyenas on patrol, genets scouting the trees, bushbabies bouncing along branches. 


From up-close wildlife shots to expansive, wild landscapes, the pictures you capture on this luxury Botswana safari will forever remind you of wild, untouched Africa. Looking back on them in years to come, you’ll quickly remember the smell of dust kicked up by hooves, the reverberating sound of a lion’s roar, the awe of watching an elephant wade across a channel. 

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