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Jewel of the Delta

A delightful water-based camp where you can enjoy an intimate and authentic Okavango Delta safari.


Wilderness Jacana

Get ready for an aquatic adventure in the Okavango.


Embark on a discovery of the aquatic wonderland that is the Okavango. On an island in the Jao Reserve, surrounded by seasonally inundated floodplains and papyrus swamps, Botswana's Wilderness Jacana  takes its name from the birds that flourish here. Delta specials abound, while the semi-permanent water delivers unique encounters with an array of fascinating creatures.

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Relax in the intimate setting of the raised deck at your well-appointed en-suite tented room (one of just five) at this Okavango Delta safari camp. Nestled amongst dense palms and magnificent trees, sink into a comfy chair, drink in the views of the channels fronting camp, and share tales around the campfire long into the star-filled night.
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The food experience at Jacana is a journey in itself. To reduce our footprint, strengthen our ties with the community, and create a healthier, more harmonious environment for all of us, we use locally grown ingredients in traditional recipes. Feel indulged as you discover Botswana at its best through touch, smell, and taste.
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Wilderness Jacana

Wilderness Jacana invites you to discover stimulating adventure in Botswana’s astounding waterscapes. From your enviable vantage point on the camp’s raised wooden deck, look out for an abundance of animals visiting the broad Delta channels fronting camp. Recline between the two magnificent sycamore fig trees, framed by dense wild date palms, and discover what paradise really looks like.


Wilderness Jacana Botswana Purpose

Travel with purpose

By partnering with the Tubu Joint Management Committee and Pack for a Purpose, our Children in the Wilderness initiative at Jacana inspires and educates children in the Okavango Delta, opening their eyes and minds to the importance of protecting the environment. By staying with us, you directly help to shape the next generation of custodians of the wild.






Jacana experiences

Safari in the Okavango Delta as it is meant to be experienced: by water, gliding through the reeds, along clear, meandering channels in a mokoro. Embark on game drives in the summer months, scanning for lion, wild dog, and elusive leopard. Or when the waters recede, take a walk on the wild side to witness an abundance of plains game, including red lechwe, tsessebe, and perhaps the rare sitatunga.


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Here in the Jao Reserve, the magnificent Okavango Delta floodplains provide a home for countless bird species, some found only in this special corner of water-filled paradise. With over 61,000 hectares to explore, there are more than 830 hectares of pristine wilderness per guest, promising an exclusive Botswana safari quite unlike any other.

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Jacana featured stories

Many who come to Botswana’s Jacana think twice about sharing their adventures, content to keep this special piece of Africa to themselves. We think its majestic beauty and abundant wildlife experiences are simply too good not to share. Here are a few stories.
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